Marine Biology Consultancy

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- Early dispersal of introduced species

Tracking down the pathway and the site of first introduction of alien species it is important to detect introductions as early as possible. The Netherlands are a hotspot for interoceanic and transoceanic introductions of marine and estuarine species to Europe. During the last ten years Acteon, working with colleagues specialised in certain taxa, has detected and monitored most known marine and estuarine species introductions to Dutch waters, which gives us insights into introduction vectors, dispersal processes and management issues. We continue surveys of frequently invaded localities, where introductions occur at an unabated pace.

- Marine and estuarine biodiversity in The Netherlands

Knowledge of marine and estuarine biodiversity in The Netherlands is incomplete. A better understanding of the distribution of rare and keynote species is important to assess the impact of changes in the environment. Several more or less cryptic groups have hardly been studied.

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